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July 2016: Eating Healthy While Travelling

Posted by Riverview Chiropractic on July 16, 2016 at 2:25 PM

Eating Healthy While Travelling

by Dr. Danielle Tomko


It’s summer, and many of us will be leaving for vacation soon. So often we plan our hotel, destination, activities, and how we are getting there, but we forget to plan how we are going to remain healthy while travelling. In the end, this little extra step can help to make the trip, and return, more enjoyable.


It can be difficult to be stuck on a plane, or in a car, and to not know when or where the next meal will be. Bringing healthy snacks along can be immeasurably helpful. It seems easy to bring food along on a road trip, but did you know that you can bring food along on an airplane? And not just granola bars; entire salads are allowed on planes as long as the dressing is already on the salad. Remember, if there is anything liquid, or seemingly liquid like puree or yogurt, it is subject to the 3.4 ounce restriction.


However, fresh produce, granola, meats and fish, and even sandwiches are allowed through TSA. They may have to be discarded on the plane if travelling internationally, but it is good to know that there are more options than overpriced and frequently unhealthy airport food court items. Always check TSA regulations and individual customs policies at each destination for updated policies regarding food carry-ons.


Determine what amenities are available in your hotel or rental property. Is there a mini-fridge, kitchenette, or even full kitchen? This may help you know if you can bring along some food and beverages or purchase supplies at local stores once you arrive. Substituting occasional meals and snacks, such as those up until dinner, at restaurants in favor of some that you make on your own can help you monitor nutritional intake more closely. After a successful day of healthy choices, you can go ahead and dine out for dinner with less concern for more nutritional choices. Everything in moderation—it is vacation after all!


Don’t forget to carry snacks that travel well as you engage in your vacation activities. Examples include granola, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, unsulfured dried fruit, trail mix, pre-peeled hard-boiled eggs, and single-serve packs of almond butter or guacamole. If you choose to take more perishable foods, small coolers or lunchboxes with an ice pack can help to keep them fresh. Don’t forget to opt for ice packs that are hard and gel-free if you are carrying them on a plane!


Another tip for healthy eating while on vacation is to set rules before leaving your house. What will you continue to restrict, and what will you allow in moderation? For example, will you allow yourself to have a dessert after dinner? Or will desserts be off limits while you allow yourself a burger for lunch? Once again, everything in moderation!


Hydration is important too! To make it easier, bring along a water bottle or travel mug. Refilling will be easy without having to purchase additional plastic water bottles, plus you will have a constant reminder to drink water every time you see it. Not to mention, if you carry along a few teabags, you can refill with hot water and make your own tea for free! One of the situations to ensure you drink a little extra water is while on an airplane. The cabin can be very dehydrating, but you can fill up a water bottle as soon as you pass through security in the airport, so don’t forget drink up!


Remember, if you feel like you have eaten a little extra, or cheated on your diet more than you had planned, there is always room for some physical activity. Bring your sneakers and hit the gym at the hotel or go for a walk to get in a few extra steps.


Whatever you, do enjoy yourself! Things will go back to normal when you return, so have fun on your well-deserved vacation!




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